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The M90 closes the gap between M40 and ARRIMAX 18/12, which sits almost exactly in the middle between the two.

To close the gap between the M40 and the ARRIMAX 18/12, the M90 introduces a new power class of 9,000 W. The unit is open-faced and very bright; it is also focusable from 16° up to 49°, producing a remarkably even light field and a crisp, clear shadow. ARRI technology partner Osram developed a new 9,000 W lamp for the M90, which is stable at 1,000 Hz and almost as small as the 6,000 W lamp that can alternatively be used. This allowed ARRI to design the M90 in a very compact housing, barely larger than the ARRISUN 60.
Accompanying the M90 is a new ballast, the EB 6/9, available in standard and high speed versions. Like other recent ballasts from ARRI, it features CCL (Compensation for Cable Loss) technology and the power-saving ALF (Active Line Filter). The EB 6/9 is DMX compatible and no bigger than ARRI’s existing EB 6000 Baby ballast. ETL certified versions of EB 6/9 are available.

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Lamphead Type: Open Face with Facetted Reflector, 9000 W
Reflector Type: MAX reflector made of high purity aluminium
Lamp Type: Metal Halide 9000 W/SE GX38;
Metal Halide 6000 W/SE GX38 (nominal voltage 120V)
Power Consumption: 9000 W / 6000 W
Voltage Range: 160 V / 123 V
Lamp Base: GX38
Dimmability: Yes, 50 – 100% via ARRI Ballast Unit
Cable Options: VEAM
Correlated Color Temperature: 6000 K
Beam Angle: 16 – 49° (with 9000 W lamp)
Product Weight: 39,5 kg / 87.1 lbs.
Shipping Weight: 55,0 kg / 121.3 lbs.
Product Size (HxWxL): 947 x 713 x 716 mm / 37.3″ x 28.1″ x 28.2″
Shipping Size (HxWxL): 930 x 790 x 910 mm / 36.6″ x 31.1″ x 35.8″
UV Glass Diameter: 500 mm / 19.69″
Accessory Diameter: 571 mm / 22.48″ (Scrim)
Barndoor Size: 584 mm / 22.99″
Mounting: Spigot 28 mm / 1 1/8″ (1.1″)
Protection Class: I/IP 23
Certifications: CE, CB, GS, cNRTLus

M-Series Datasheet